Not a coincidence 

Today my amazing church started a series called “Voices”. The guest speaker was Jeremy Cowart. He’s pretty remarkable and he’s got a powerful story which he shared today. It’s about story; telling story through art & photography. It’s about the power & importance of story. It’s also about believing the Word when it says “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength”. Jeremy shared that his dad spoke that verse into his heart & mind. It is transforming Truth. 

What Jeremy’s story illustrates for me is what it can look like when we let go. When we live in and embrace the fullness of who God created us to be, and seek His face, he opens doors and get us involved in the work He is doing. That work is so much bigger than any silly thing I could come up with, and I’d much rather sign up for God’s design than my own. He has designed the solar system and the circulatory system, I’d say he’s pretty good at design. I can’t even organize my garage. 

It’s no coincidence that yesterday I start writing this blog and today I get this massive shot in the arm of inspiration. It may sound a little hokey to you but I like to think it’s Gods way of saying yes, you’re headed in the right direction, keep it coming, Leigh, keep it coming. 

When you look into the everyday of your own story where do you see the little hints and nudges from God? Where and when do you get your big inspirational moments? How do those things link together? I know, because I’ve done extensive research into my own story, that when you look at a map of your life you can see themes & trends. God is telling a story. You’re writing it, but it’s His. He owns everything. 

It’s not a coincidence. 

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