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Took my 4 month old & my 3 year old to see their doctor today. Well visits. Height. Weight. Vision. Ears nose throat. Fruits & veggies? Sleep? Milestone checklists.

Then they bring in the percentile charts.

Should I feel good about where they are?

I wonder.

What did it look like before the CDC, the WHO and the AAP told us the “shoulds”? What was parenting like without percentiles?

I went to a mom conference before my first was born. I was still working at the time. The speaker talked about how as moms we often let our kids be our reviews, or our report cards. She talked about how we shouldn’t do that. I had no idea at the time how difficult that would be.

I don’t know about y’all but I seriously judge myself by how my kids are doing. When the meltdown happens I wonder what I did wrong, and when he poops in the potty by himself I feel like there should be a crowd of people giving me a slow clap for my awesomeness.

So we got percentiles at the dr office and then we got facebook groups for every category of parenting. I had to quit social media for about a year because of all the madness that was on there due to politics. Other than the politics was the parenting craziness. Parenting on social media is almost as heated as the politics! Lots of judgement there. Breastfeeding vs formula, cosleeping vs cry it out, daycare vs stay at home mom. Lots of areas for judgement from other people, not to mention the self-inflicted kind.

Today I’m grateful for: healthy boys, a fantastic pediatrician and last but certainly not least a super amazing husband who is a spectacular father. I’m doing my best to define myself by who Jesus says I am, and not by my mom hair, yoga pants, Facebook status or percentile ranking.
What’s your mama guilt about? Where do you feel like you’re struggling with mamahood? I gotta tell you, you’re doing awesome. Don’t listen to those percentiles, and maybe stop following some of those groups on facebook. What if we were out in the old west, and didn’t have any of that? We’d be working hard, loving our kids and keeping our families fed. That’s enough. Love em hard & feed em.

Good job mama.

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