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What is Rooted Firmly

There are plenty of blogs out there. In fact, I myself have started plenty of blogs. They sit here in my wordpress menu staring at me. I have 100 new ideas a day. My strength is vision, starting things. My weakness is finishing. Will this project be any different?

I hope so.


I’ve had a change of mind. I call it a paradigm shift. I don’t see it as some kind of hobby or thing I am going to do in my free time anymore. I see it now as a stewardship. I know in my heart that I have something to say. 

I’ve been reading some of the stewardship parables in the Bible. I’ve also been studying the creation story in Genesis. I am doing a study called Five Aspects of Women. In the study I’m learning that I have been given things – time, talents, resources, circumstances, and a passion. These things are tools for me to use to complete the job I have been given. I will talk much more about these ideas in future posts, you can be sure. For today I’m just giving a little background.

My intention is for Rooted Firmly to be a blog about many things, but of one thing: Womanhood. I want to talk about life. My story, your story, our journey on this Earth. What is the point? How do we make it better? What about these questions in our hearts? What about the struggles and tensions of life? These are the things I want to discuss with you. I also want to talk about life. DIY’s and decorating. Children and marriage. (we can also talk about how i like to use fragments as part of my writing style) I hope to write about many things. We will see how it goes.

The idea of Rooted Firmly is about understanding what you are planted in. Your root system is your worldview – it’s what you believe. It lies underground, so you don’t always see it, but it impacts every aspect of you. I want to be Rooted Firmly in Truth. I want to bear fruit. I want to help others do the same.

Thanks for reading. 

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